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Global Wind Day to be celebrated for the second time in Ghana!

Each year, a celebration day is dedicated to wind energy and all the benefits it brings to the people by generating clean and sustainable electricity. Through the realization of the 225 MW Wind Farm Ayitepa, Ghana is also destined to become part of the global wind energy community in the near future. Therefore, Upwind Ayitepa Ltd. has also this year decided to organize a local celebration of this festive day in Ghana.

The focus of this year’s Global Wind Day in Ghana will be the young generation, so the pupils of the schools near the project region of the planned Wind Farm. We are interested to find out what young Ghanaians associate with wind energy and for this purpose, a drawing competition will be organised. Pupils of 40 classes from 20 different local schools will be invited to participate and to present to us their idea of wind energy in the form of colorful drawings.

The winners will be announced on the 22nd of June at a local venue and will receive some nice prices. Music and refreshment will provide a festive background and our staff will be there for anyone who wants to learn more about wind energy or our local project.


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  • Published on June 08, 2016