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Global Wind Day celebrated for the third time in Ghana!

Motivated by the success of the last Global Wind Day, where pupils from local schools were invited to share their ideas on wind energy in a drawing contest, we decided to carry out a similar event also this year.

As a developer of renewable energy projects, we wanted to find out what Ghana’s young generation thinks about the benefits or drawbacks of wind power vs. coal power or what they think they can personally do to protect the environment. For this purpose, we invited pupils from sixteen local schools to participate in a writing contest and to prepare a short essay or narrative on either of these two topics. From these, we would then choose the three best or most original writings and award the author and his school with a nice price.

In the end, we were impressed by how many pupils participate in this contest and most of all by the quality of the writings we received. Our favorite texts on the two topics you can find under the following link, but we also want to thank and congratulate all other authors who took part.

We are happy to say that also this year’s Global Wind Day has been a success.

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  • Published on August 22, 2017