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Signing Procedures of Land Lease Contracts for the Ayitepa Wind Farm

Chiefs, Asafoatses, Stool Fathers, Elders and other representatives of the land owners were present at different occasions during the past weeks to complete the signing procedures for long-term land lease agreements regarding the construction and operation of the 225 MW wind farm project at Ayitepa in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

During various sessions and discussion rounds, around 150 people attended the conclusive meetings, during which the final land lease agreements and related documents were signed between Upwind Ayitepa Ltd. and the respective land owners of the Ayitepa site. The meetings were supported in an outstanding manner by official representatives of the Ningo Traditional Council which mediated between all involved parties and helped explaining pending questions regarding future rights of the owners on their land, the advantages of the project for the population and the land owners and encouraged the people to a fruitful collaboration between them and the project companies.

Under the lease contracts, the land owners are guaranteed a yearly lease fee for the construction and operation of the wind farm which will contribute together with other positive impacts of the project to improve the living standard and the income situation of the population.


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  • Published on June 06, 2016